• Left/right arrows controls ship
  • Z fire weapon. Hold for auto-fire.
  • X freezes time.

You should be able to use your gamepad too!

How to play

  • Try to fly as far as you can through the cave
  • Shooting enemies will make the cave walls grow
  • Letting an enemy pass you will grow spikes from behind
  • Use your freeze power to invert enemies and shrink the cave walls and spikes
  • Collect weapon power-ups and freeze time

See if you can unlock all 20 items! Use 6 different weapons to blast your way through.

Invader Overload Invader Overload Invader Overload

About the game

Bullet Cave is a minimal space shoot 'em up. You'll need to balance the ability to make the cave walls grow and shrink to get as far as you can.

This was a side-project game that was intended to be a small demo but ended up being a fully realized game with scores, unlocks and more.

Big thanks to Brian Follick for the original music and all the guys that contributed some ship designs. The Pico-8 is a great console/language and the community is top rate, thanks for all the support.

You can also play this game on the Pico-8 console and on the Next Thing Co. PocketCHIP computer.



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Published 277 days ago
AuthorMorning Toast
Tags8-bit, Arcade, PICO-8, Retro, shmup