Invaders of a different kind

These invaders aren't from space, they're right in your backyard. Try your hand at a new challenge that combines several arcade classics.

Use your smoke to freeze honeycombs and then destroy them with your blaster. But be careful, laying on the trigger will reduce your power and slow you down.

Collect power-ups for quick boosts to battle back the endless army of bees. Play through 5 levels of insect-blasting action and you'll unlock endless mode for another challenge.


  • Left/right arrows controls player
  • Z shoots. Hold for auto-fire.
  • X blows smoke

Gamepad support is enabled, try it!

BuzzKill BuzzKill BuzzKill

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About the game

BuzzKill combines aspects of two of my favorite arcade games: Space Invaders and Arkanoid. This was also one of the first games I developed on the Pico-8 fantasy console.

Tips and hints

  • You can only destroy honeycombs when they're frozen
  • Blowing smoke blocks small bee fire and also slows them down.
  • You'll gain an extra life when you reach 200 kills
  • Stop firing to let your power regenerate
  • A bee hive won't spawn bumble bees while it's being attacked


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AuthorMorning Toast
Made withPICO-8
Tags8-Bit, PICO-8, Retro, Shoot 'Em Up
Average sessionA few minutes


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What's your guys' high? Mine is 17440 so far.


My high score 40,780...but in some ways, the score isn't a real fair comparison because you can just sit on the early levels and rank up points without advancing. Since the honeycombs regenerate, there's always more bees. But...if you play like a normal person that's trying to get to the end of the game, then score is definitely a decent way to see how well you're doing. Hope you continue to play and have fun!

We take on the honeycombs!

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Thanks for the play through and review. Glad you had fun and continue to play. It has a retro style but also has a retro challenge's not easy. Managing the smoke to freeze honeycombs is definitely key to advancing. Worth noting too that the smoke acts as a shield against bee bullets and also slows them down if they fly through it.

And I hope you check out some of my other games...they're all arcade play styles. If you like Invaders, check out Invader Overload, it's a trip.


Hi, is there an e-mail I can get so that I can contact one of the developers about putting this game on another website? I am an intern for, a discovery site for different videogames. If I had an e-mail I could connect you to one of the heads of the site and see about getting you on it. Thanks