Who you gonna call?

The evil Ghost Lord has opened portals to the spirit world and only the Ghostbusters can stop them all. Can you save the city?

Select your favorite Ghostbuster and battle through 5 levels of intense arcade action. Complete the game and unlock classic Ghostbuster characters!

Destroy portals to stop the Ghost Lord and advance. But don't let too many ghosts get by or your slime meter will fill up. If the slime meter fills, it's game over.


  • Up/down arrows change levels
  • Z fires your proton beam
  • X throws a ghost trap
  • P to pause; toggle music

Gamepad support is enabled, try it!

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About the game

My 5-year-old daughter loves Ghostbusters so I decided to make her a game...especially since the list of Ghostbusters video games is pretty short. She likes all three Ghostbusters movies but likes the reboot the most, so the game features the lady Ghostbusters as well as the classic characters.

Primary inspiration is Midway's Tapper but rather than points and high scores, you're just trying to get through all the levels. I borrowed sprites from the New Ghostbusters II NES game released by HAL Laboratory circa 1990.


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I was surprised. I thought it would be ordinary but it's cute and fun! Very well made arcade style ghostbusters game inspired by "rootbeer tapper". Ghostbusters makes it even more interesting! I got 381 ghosts but "he slimed me". Nice game.

Very cool arcade game! Great graphics and awesome Ghostbusters theme.

My only complaint is that you can’t move without releasing the fire button, which makes the controls feel a bit unresponsive.


Awesome game. Really lovely!