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Published 9 days ago
AuthorMorning Toast
Tags8-bit, Aliens, maze, PICO-8, Survival
Average sessionA few minutes


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How do you have recorded gif in pico 8? I am trying but is not working.
Good job

Just hit F9 while the game is playing and it'll save a GIF.

The manual has all the hot keys and stuff listed out. 

This is super rad. Perfectly minimal.

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Let your friends know :)


As a fan of the franchise, this is a great game.

One that fits perfectly with, but would've stood head & shoulders above, the (mostly) crappy 8-bit offerings we had back in the day.

It's tense, it's unforgiving, it's the reason I did nothing else this morning.

Congrats! :D

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Thanks, Paul. And thanks for your feedback during development. You helped make the game what it is.