As seen in Retro Gamer #238!

Helitack Challenge was included in the Homebrew section pages of Retro Gamer magazine issue #238! Thanks to Mr. Andrew Fisher for the shoutout and for covering all the great homebrew projects.

Only you can help...

Budgets are tight and staff is short so we're looking for volunteers to help keep our parks safe and beautiful. 

Your job is to patrol the park and rescue lost hikers and contain any forest fires that might get started. If you can keep things under control for 3 shifts, you can become a full-time helitack ranger.

Your helicopter is equipped with all the gear you need to get the job done. Stay focused, stay calm, and do your best.

We also recommend reading the handbook. It might just save a life.

How to play

Play above in the browser or use the links at the bottom of the page to download for local play.

PICO-8 Owners: Type LOAD #HELITACK on the commandline or search for "helitack" in the Splore game browser.


This game supports gamepad and keyboard controls. Use the pause menu to check gamepad and controller mappings.

  • Up/Down - Throttle; Forward/back
  • Left/Right - Rotate direction
  • Z - Switch modes
  • X - Select mode
  • P - Pause; Music toggle

Tips to get you started

  • Clearing the trees around a new campfire can help prevent forest fires.
  • There's a brief time at the start of every shift before visitors show up. Use it!
  • Plan your approach when dropping water, you can move while it's going.
  • Worry about visitors first.
  • Find out which zones have water so you know where you can refill.

Read the Helitack Challange Handbook for more tips & tricks.

Achievements and rewards

Push yourself and try to unlock all the achievements

  • Don't cut down any trees on Map 1
  • Get all upgrades
  • Get an A+ grade on all maps and complete the game
  • Find a fox
  • Read the handbook


  • Design & code: Brian Vaughn
  • Music & sound: Brian Follick
  • Art: Impbox, assets taken from Tempest
  • Additional art: Brian Vaughn


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Helitack Challenge for Windows 967 kB
Helitack Challenge for Mac 3.2 MB
Helitack Challenge for Linux 727 kB

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That was nice :)

Very cool. Especially gfx and UI