Helitack Challange gets a shout out in Retro Gamer magazine

A big thanks to Retro Gamer magazine for the shout out about Helitack Challenge in Issue #238 along with Paul Hammond's Tutankham remake. There is no shortage of great games being released on PICO-8 so I am humbled, honored, and very appreciative of RG giving my game a little nod. Magazines have limited real estate so the fact that they even give PICO-8 a sidebar is pretty spectacular.

Thanks to Paul Nicholas for the image and initial share. He's in the UK and gets the magazine a good several weeks before I get it here in the US.

It's always great to see your game get attention and some hype, but seeing it in print still means something...to me, anyway. I've been a long-time Retro Gamer reader and I've been inspired by many of the games they've covered, particularly ones I never knew existed or played before. 

Helitack Challenge was a departure for me, of sorts, because it was less arcade-style and more computer-style...at least that's how I saw it. Playing Helitack does require some extra attention to play and progress, it's not a pick-up-and-play type game that I'm usually creating. I even made a completely separate "Handbook" for this game that made me think of those old computer games that would come with extras, like stat cards and maps and hint books...supplemental stuff that made the game feel bigger than it actually is.

Helitack Challenge probably isn't my favorite child but it always makes you proud when they succeed.

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Thanks! It was my predecessor, the late Jason Kelk, who first introduced me to PICO-8. And I have really enjoyed checking out all the games (and especially the retro styled ones) being made with it on itch.io and in jams. Helitack was one I loved, so wanted to bring it to the attention of more people. 

Thanks, Andrew, for the effort you've put into giving our PICO-8 creations a little spotlight in RG. And I appreciate you giving Helitack a link, I'm glad you've enjoyed playing it. I'm thinking of doing a little post mortem now too.