Entry for the 2022 PICO-1K Jam. Made using PICO-8 where the final release had to be 1K in size or smaller.

Your home planet just exploded but your family was lucky enough to get on an escape pod and blast off just in time...but the explosion shockwave is right on your tail! Avoid the oncoming meteors while collecting energy crystals to power your shields and boosters.  Be careful! When you slow down the shockwave gets closer.

How many crystals can you collect?

  • Your ship moves automatically.
  • Use any button to stop to avoid meteors and collect crystals.
  • Press P to pause. *High score resets with reboot.

Collecting an orbiting blue crystal will power your shields and keep you save for one collision with a meteor. Every 5 crystals collected will boost your ship faster.

An orbiting crystal is worth +1. Crashing into a meteor with a shield is +2 crystals.

Thanks to Shaun Inman for his game "Flip's Escape" which heavily inspired this game.

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AuthorBrian Vaughn / MorningToast
Made withPICO-8
Tags8-Bit, dodge-em, My First Game Jam, one-button, pico1k, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Retro

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