Don't Dig Up the Dead updated to v1.1

First off, thanks to everyone that has been playing this game and for those that made comments and gave some feedback. I've made a few minor updates based on that feedback and v1.1 is now available for play and download. 

  • Your total stats now appear on the inventory screen. This was suggested a lot and makes sense. Part of the reason this wasn't included in the initial release was because the Old Man in the village gives you hints and tips that will really help and I didn't want people to miss that interaction. However, I agree that having to go back to the Old Man to get your stats was a grind and could turn inventory management into more of a guessing game than anything. But still, when you pass by the village, go ahead and talk to the Old Man and hear his wise words.
  • Any hole you dig now gets an "X" to mark the spot. Prior to this, only holes where you chose to bury an item was marked with an "X". Having every hole get marked was a suggestion that I considered and found that it changed the gameplay in a positive way. Yes, now there will be X's all over the place but they can be used as a wayfinding device as much as keeping track of stuff you buried. So now it will really help to choose a designated area to bury things otherwise your X's might get confusing.
  • Adjusted some balancing and timing for fights. I didn't change things too much here, mostly on the timing side so there's some breathing room between enemy attacks and in a few other places.

Please reach out if you have any questions or issues concerning this update.

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